Being a lover of the Mystery / Thriller genres, I've always been captivated by writers such as Dick Francis, Eric Ambler, and Randy Wayne White, and the characters they brought so vividly to life.  

​For the most part my protagonists are average people caught up in events outside their control, forcing them to overcome their own shortcomings in order to succeed...or survive.

Reading should be fun and pleasurable. When you finish one of my books I hope you breathe a deep, satisfied sigh, and wish there were just a few more pages.

On a more personal note, I'm blessed with a wonderful family - my lovely wife Lisa of 30+ years, three terrific kids, Nikki, Aaron, and Ian, and three amazing granddaughters. I'm quite fond of British soccer, and a die-hard Fulham Football Club fan. And if you read Straw Man you'll quickly find I'm also a lover of music, especially the rock band R.E.M. In my free time I like running and biking, working out, and, oddly enough, fine cigars. My wife and I enjoy traveling here and abroad and seeing the world, which is why my stories tend to gravitate outside the US. 

In real life, you'll find us in central Ohio with our lovable Golden Retriever Ted. On the internet, you'll find me on Twitter and Facebook.


Drop me a line anytime! I'd love to hear from you.


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