Like any writer, my brain is always bursting with ideas. Below are the ones I'm working on at the moment, although I reserve the right to mix things up without notice! 



Great news! GRAY has been picked up by Brother Mockingbird Publishing and will hit the shelves sometime in early 2020. I'm so excited that the world will soon be able to meet Scout, Singer, Hunter, and the rest. I'll keep you updated, but stop back often for news. Thanks!

Scout has a problem. Well, many problems, actually.

Ravaging bands of mindless Grays, once-human creatures, threaten her at every turn. Earth is flooded. Food is nearly nonexistent. She can barely trust her own companions. But worst of all, Scout’s older brother, her protector and rock, has gone Gray and has been banished from her small group forever.

Even if Scout survives everything and everyone trying to kill her, in the end it won’t matter. She’ll go Gray when she nears 240 months old, and then like everyone else she’ll transform into a ravenous creature with less than a month to live.

Before that happens, she must find a cure to save herself and everyone she still holds dear. Because if she dies, then our world dies with her.

Update - now at 35,000 words, and it's coming along nicely!

Boon Dohir lives near downtown Cincinnati. He's an attractive guy with an expensive car, a nice apartment, and a well-paying job. 

But there's a darker slde to Boon. He lives alone, he has no friends, and his drinking is out of control. Boon doesn't drink for fun, but to forget.

Because Boon Dohir has secrets - too many secrets. And one of the secrets from his past is about to blindside him. In fact, it could kill him.

If he has any hope of overcoming the real-life demons threatening him now, Boon will have to face up to the demons of his past - if he can.


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