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Black Anchor


GRAY Anchor
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The final book of the Firebrand Trilogy

In a world where the young fight for survival against the savage monsters they are destined to become, Scout's mission all along has been finding a way to stop everyone she loves from going Gray.

With help from her friends, they discover the life-saving cure just as Grays overrun their sanctuary. Once again on the run, Scout and her companions stumble across the Hill, the last bastion of hope in this devastated world. But when an army of Grays led by an old adversary breaches the Hill's defenses, their illusion of paradise is once again shattered.

In this final, desperate fight against overwhelming odds, the fate of humanity teeters on the brink. If Scout and her friends fail and the cure is lost, mankind is doomed.

Don't miss the thrilling conclusion to the series!

Published by

Brother Mockingbird Publishing 


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"My name is Scout, and I'm a killer. And it gives me no pride in saying so, but I'm very good at it."

The Storm that wiped out civilization five years ago killed billions across the globe, leaving only a handful of people alive. Scout is one of those few.

Now on her own, she is desperate to find a cure for going Gray, the worldwide pandemic that eventually turns the living into mindless, murderous creatures. But even with her newfound enhanced abilities, she quickly realizes she can't do this alone. Along the way she finds help from people like the brilliant, enigmatic boy named Google, and the mysterious man who has somehow resisted going Gray.

But not everyone is a friend. In fact, sometimes old enemies return. And when they do, they don't come alone.

Scout will have to fight to survive-not just the monsters facing her now, but those of her past as well.

Published by

Brother Mockingbird Publishing 


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First came the flood.

Then came the madness.

The Storm was a disaster of epic proportions. Billions perished and thousands of years of civilization were destroyed, gone forever beneath a hundred feet of water. Scout, Lord, and their small group of friends are some of the few still alive. Together, they have learned how to survive in this devastated world.

Until people start to change.

Scout allies herself with Singer, the shy boy with the gentle soul and melodic voice. Together they must find a cure for whatever is changing normal people into mindless, murderous creatures. 

They quickly learn that the biggest threat to their survival comes not from the wasted world outside, but from each other.

Published by

Brother Mockingbird Publishing 

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GRAY Available Now!

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Frankie Brubaker, the woman Ari Van Owen loves but can never have, has been abducted from the hospital where she works. There’s no ransom note, and no contact from the kidnappers. With his past experience working for the FBI, this type of investigation is right up Van Owen’s alley. In no time he uncovers clues that point to Frankie being held outside of the country, somewhere in the Amazon Jungle. But what Van Owen can’t determine is why.

A few days later, a flight from Brazil crashes near Louisville when the pilot and first officer suffer from total paralysis en route. Just days after that, a popular South American baseball player is found dead in Cincinnati after succumbing to the same mysterious ailment. The FBI suspects the two high profile cases may be related, and they want Van Owen to do what he does best and connect the dots.

The deeper Ari digs, the more it appears that Frankie’s abduction is somehow linked to both the plane crash and the dead athlete. But before he can put the pieces together, the kidnappers are back – only this time they’ve targeted Van Owen, and their intentions are clear: they’ll either take him, or they’ll take him out.

With its action, plot twists, and romance, David Kettlehake’s second novel, Fever, will keep you captivated from the first page to the exciting, unexpected conclusion.


"Rolland Schmidt was a good man at heart, but even good people make mistakes. Some mistakes are gone and forgotten in an instant, while others stick with you for life - no matter how short that life may be."

When Marcus Schmidt learns his estranged brother is missing he quickly returns to the Midwest, determined to find him. What he discovers instead is a side of Rolland that he never knew, someone deeply involved in a Mexican drug war that threatens to explode into a blood bath across the Yucatan Peninsula.

Now Marcus must not only find Rolland but stop the impending carnage as well. Searching for answers he travels to Mexico and the only true family he has.


But the war is much closer to him than he suspects, and he quickly finds that no one is above suspicion – not even the family he loves.

From California to the Midwest to the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, Marcus quickly learns that he must watch his back…or he’ll be the next victim in Mexico’s brutal drug war.

With its intense action and romance Straw Man is guaranteed to keep you riveted to the surprising end.

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