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The Storm struck five years ago as a monstrous waterfall pounding the world. Entire cities vanished underwater, lakes grew and merged into oceans. Glaciers shrank and mountains melted. People changed…

Grays, vicious creatures that were once human, know only hunger. They hunt Scout and her group of friends mercilessly. Even more terrifying is that Scout and everyone else still alive knows that their own transformation is inevitable.

When Scout’s change begins, she realizes that hers is different, and that the burden of humanity’s survival is now on her shoulders. To save herself and everyone she loves, she must find a cure. If she dies, our world dies with her.

Published by Brother Mockingbird Publishing 

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When Marcus Schmidt learns his estranged brother is missing he quickly returns to the Midwest, determined to find him. What he discovers instead is a side of Rolland that he never knew, someone deeply involved in a Mexican drug war that threatens to explode into a blood bath across the Yucatan Peninsula.

From California to the Midwest to the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, Marcus quickly learns that he must watch his back…or he’ll be the next victim in Mexico’s brutal drug war.

With its intense action and romance Straw Man is guaranteed to keep you riveted to the surprising end.


Frankie Brubaker, the woman Ari Van Owen loves but can never have, has been abducted. With his past experience working for the FBI, this type of investigation is right up Van Owen’s alley. In no time he uncovers clues that point to Frankie being held somewhere in the Amazon Jungle. But what Van Owen can’t determine is why.

A few days later, a flight from Brazil crashes near Louisville when the pilot and first officer suffer from total paralysis en route. Just days after that, a popular South American baseball player is found dead in Cincinnati after succumbing to the same mysterious ailment. The FBI suspects the two high profile cases may be related, and they want Van Owen to do what he does best and connect the dots.

The deeper Ari digs, the more he's convinced that Frankie’s abduction is somehow linked to both the plane crash and the dead athlete. But before he can put the pieces together, the kidnappers are back – only this time they’ve targeted Van Owen, and their intentions are clear: they’ll either take him, or they’ll take him out.

© 2020 by David Kettlehake