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WIP Sleeper


sleeper image.webp

Update - now at 90,000 words, and I'm quite liking this one. I'm hoping to have it out by the end of 20231

Boon Dohir lives near downtown Cincinnati. He's an attractive guy with an expensive car, a nice apartment, and seems to have a well-paying job.

But there's a darker side to Boon. He lives alone, he has no friends, and his drinking is out of control. Boon doesn't drink for fun, but to forget.

Because Boon Dohir has secrets — too many secrets. And one of those secrets is about to blindside him. In fact, it could kill him.

If he has any hope of overcoming the real-life demons threatening him now, Boon will have to face up to the demons of his past — if he can. 

White - WIP


Update - I'm excited to bring you WHITE, the final book of the Firebrand Trilogy.

WHITE is actually done! Woo-hoo! I finished my first draft on the first day of January of 2023. It's going through final edits now. 

WHITE is due out in the fall of 2023. Please keep checking back for updates, the real cover, and the exact date you can expect it to become available.

More to come soon!!


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